Pre-entry closes 28/02/2019

the surf diary recently let it be known that it was about to hold a little photo competition and gave Sandra the charge of recording all the names of the people that registered their interest.

We had to give poor Sandra a few days off to recover from the sheer avalanche of names that she was presented with each morning when she opened up her laptop.

Now we here at The Surf diary didn’t fancy much the prospect of spending the coming months looking at and judging thousands upon thousands of photos (when would we surf). So what we’ve decided to do people is this! Our contest entry will now be by invitation only and is limited to just 500 entrants, with potential entrants expressing their interest by leaving their details below. Please make sure you leave a a link to previous work, invites will be sent via email in March.

We have a prize fund of


1st Prize: $10,000

2nd Prize: $5000

3rd Prize: $1000

We are currently in conversation with one of the worlds best surf mags to carry the winning photo thus introducing its taker to the surf world at large.

We are also very proud to announce that a substantial percentage of your entry fee will be donated to two of our FAVORITE surf charities below.

Please check them out to see the great work they do at the destinations that us surfers visit.

If you’ve already registered your interest, could you please do so again, only this time please supply a link to your work. This can be your website page, instagram or facebook etc.

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